Through individual outreach, grassroots meetings in affected communities, and conferences and seminars in cooperation with schools, universities, partner organizations, providers of social services and community centers, the IAC-USA strives to:
•Completely eliminate the practice of female genital mutilation and ail similar forced female circumcision practices
•End domestic violence against women and girls, including rape, physical and emotional assault, forced early marnage, forced feeding of young girls, child/labor, slavery, and other practices harmful to women and young girls
•Provide a system of support and protection for those women and girls who have been victims of  harmful traditional practices or are at risk of becoming victims, including providing assistance in obtaining medicare, couseling an other services in the community.
•Educate both at risk population, providers of medical and social services and the public in general about the dire physical, psychological, social and economic consequences of Female Genital Mutilation and other Harmful Traditional Practices to individuals and the community at large.
•Intervene for the protection of girls immediately at risk of being sent to foreign country to subjected to a harmful traditional practice, or immediately at risk in the US.
•Develop training programs and educational materials for community leaders, health personnel, religious leaders, legislators, media, schools and so forth to increase awareness and provide tools to end harmful traditional practices among immigrant communities within the US.

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