What is the IAC-USA?

What is the IAC-USA

Established in 2006, the Inter-African Committee USA (or, IAC-USA) is a anonprofit and non-governmental organization dedicated to furthering the rights of immigrant women and girls to freedom from harmful traditional practices of their native countries and cultures, including early forced marnage, female genital mutilation, and other violent and injurious practices, while promoting the adoption of beneficial traditions and rites of passage.

The IAC-USA is part of a network of international organizations in numerous countries, partnering with the United Nations and local entities to raise awareness of the continued predominance of centuries-old harmful practices carried out against African women and children under the guise of culture afid tradition, and to provide assistance to those who have been or are at risk of

Our mission is to promote the rights and well-being of women and children in at-ris immigrant communities by bringing an end to harmful traditional practices through education, support, and encouragement of healthy traditional values.

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